Daddy's Pride / Smiling

  • Interactive

    My son laughs, giggles, and coos. I’m enjoying his reactions because I feel like we are communicating. I feel that I’m doing a good job as a dad by making him happy. Who knows what he’s really thinking. He might just very well be laughing at me and not with me, especially when I make weird sounds and unique facial expressions. Or maybe, he is laughing at an inside joke that his mommy shared with him. Whatever the reason, it’s such an amazing sight to see your child smiling back at you.

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  • Smiling

    My son has a tendency to smile in his sleep. The wife and I are always wondering what is he smiling about? What is he thinking about? Does he know some inside joke, and is happy that we are left out in the cold? Is he a mastermind, and is thrilled to have us run around meeting his every demand? Is he simply just happy to be warm and clean? So he smiles, and he tends to smile for a while. Even though we wonder what he is dreaming about, we cannot help but smile too. We are a smiling family.

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