Daddy's Pride / Sneakers

  • Barefoot

    A few weeks ago we bought our son a pair of sneakers. My wife and I really like them however our son doesn't feel the same way. The little caveman prefers to run around barefoot. The reason why he chooses not to wear them is because he can't walk with them on. The weight of the sneakers throws his balance off, and he probably misses the feeling he gets when his feet touch the floor. So, we have to teach him how to walk with sneakers, and not take them off. He easily takes off the velcro. Perhaps laces may be better. I would never have imagined having to do this as a parent.

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  • Baby Footwear

    I guess he’s all set with footwear courtesy of my sister-in-law. The TEVA looking sandals are my personal favorite.

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