Daddy's Pride / Toy

  • Police

    Our little man loves toy cars, or really anything on wheels. So, we bought him a small police car that has a siren that makes tons of noise, and the lights flash. The second we saw this toy we knew what we were getting ourselves into. Short and long car rides with a police siren going off in the background will be kind of annoying. However, we didn't mind. It's for our son. He will love his police car. Well, as we expected the police sirens went off, and we actually learned how to tune out the noise. The funny thing is that we didn't expect our son to get frustrated with his new toy. :) He kept on trying to shut it off, but couldn't because there's no off switch. So, he just started playing with his older cars, and I guess for now the brand new police car will be spending its days alone. Perhaps next month we will revisit the police car. Maybe the little guy will learn to be a little more patient with his police car. :)

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  • Pruned Up

    Here's a picture of our son having fun in the pool, and playing with his toys. I knew that he loves the pool, but I did not expect him play in it for a few hours. I mean, he's only about 18 months old, and I would think he would get bored or tired after two hours, but I was completely wrong. He was determined to swim until his fingers pruned up or until sunset. I love the fact he was happy, focused, and independent.

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  • Patrick and Penelope

    Since I am allergic to dogs, this is as close as my son will get to having puppies.

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