Daddy's Pride / Vacation

  • Vacation Fun

    Last week we went on vacation, and had a blast. It was the first time that we truly did one of those vacations where you just lounge around and relax by the pool and beach. Usually, our vacations tend to be active most of the day by exploring a new region. However, since we have a toddler we thought it would be best not to drag him to museums or go on 5 hour hikes. So, back to our vacation.....the best part of our trip was seeing how happy the little man was in the pool, and witnessing how his confidence grew each and every day. He smiled from ear to ear while exploring the shallow end of the pool, and playing with his pool toys. Seeing this put a smile on our faces, made us forget about everything else, and reminded us to enjoy the moment. So, to our son...thank you for making our trip amazing.

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  • Snow Days

    Our son was born on the day of the fluke October storm. And his four month birthday is marked with the current winter storm. As I watch the snow fall, I imagine the future snow days that my son will celebrate. I am sure he will pray for no school, and when his wish comes true he will say, “hooray! no school.” Than he will do a little dance, and jump around. I am sure that he will be the one that tells us that school is cancelled and what his plans are for the spontaneous vacation day. He will want to play outside in the snow, watch cartoons, and eat good old hot comfort food and drink hot chocolate with extra whip cream. Hopefully, my wife and I will get a snow day off from work so we can say, “hooray! no work! Than we can all horse around in the snow together.

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  • Vacation!!!

    A few days ago I was helping a friend out with his international travel plans. I was looking at flights, places to visit, and how to get from one country to the next. I love travel/vacation research. So, I immediately started to do my own investigation on where I would like to go next. Should I explore South America, relax in the Caribbean, or see a bunch of places via cruising? However, today it dawned on me that we will not be able to fly to some exotic location anytime soon. Since flying one month prior to the big day is a no no, and having a busy schedule for the next two months, we will just have to wait until afterwards. We have to wait at least six weeks to fly once the new guy arrives. Now the big question is where can we go with our new explorer? I want to act fast because infants fly for free!!!

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