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  • Three Letter Words

    I "try" to introduce a new three letter word to my son before he heads off to school. The goal is just get him to used to pairing letters and sounds. I am by all means not preparing him for the Scripps National Spelling Bee contest. :) So, you would think forming three letter words daily would be an easy task, but honestly it is not. :) It actually requires a lot of thought after you have exhausted all the obvious words. I probably should start looking up three letters words in the dictionary, especially since I am not ready to create longer words for the little guy. :) And just as important, trying to do this activity consistently is a real challenge. Oh man...the challenges of trying to educate your child.

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  • Turtle

    The other day I was trying to get my son to say the word "turtle", and remarkably, he did! I was really happy. So, I told my wife the new word our son said, and her response was...."oh yeah, he's been saying that for a while now." I couldn't believe it. Why was I not aware of this? And, how many words does my son already know? I heard that children come across at least 1,000 words per day. I guess one day our son will just start speaking sentences, and I will be again pondering when he actually learned all these new words.

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